Dolly Parton says that she has always considered herself a writer. She believes her songs to be the door to all the dreams she’s ever had and all the successes she has achieved. Having a career spanning over 5 decades, Dolly Parton continues to deliver magic even today and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon!

The remarkable life of this performer began in the very humble environs at a farm situated in the Sevier County in Tennessee. She was born on January 19, 1946 and was the fourth of the 12 children in her household. Dolly’s parents Avie Lee Parton and Robert Lee never had it easy trying to make ends meet in their East Tennessee Hills surroundings. It was the hard village life that laid the foundations for the remarkable career that Dolly enjoyed all through her life, as she started singing even before she could speak properly! By the age of 10, Dolly was actively performing for the local radio and television shows.

Becoming an irrepressible and iconic international superstar, Dolly provided the music entertainment world with innumerable treasures, with famed classics like “Coat of many colors,” “Jolene”, “I Will always Love you” and many more. Her 1977 crossover number “Here you come again” helped her erase the line between her popularity as a pop singer and a country singer, without making any noticeable alterations to her image or her music. When asked about her transformation, she said that she never left the country music, she just took the country with her!

Dolly Parton made her debut in the film industry in the year 1980 with her performance in the hit comedy “9 to 5.” It earned her several rave reviews, apart from an Oscar nomination for having written the title tune for the film. She also won her second and third Grammy award for the same.

“9 to 5” was followed by her roles in movies like Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Steel Magnolias, Straight Talk and Rhinestone, apart from performances in couple of network TV series and guest star roles in different television series. Year 2006 saw Dolly Parton earning her second Academy award nomination for her number “Travelin Thru” that she wrote for Transamerica.