Jolene is the name of the album and the hit single written and sung by the famous American country music singer Dolly Parton. The song was released as the title track and the first single from the album with the same name in October 1973. It was produced by Bob Ferguson. The song quickly rose up the popularity charts after its release. It continues to be immensely popular and even got ranked at # 217 on the Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 greatest songs of all time in the year 2004. It is believed that Jolene is the most frequently covered song of Dolly, by other artists, if you look at all the songs written by her.

Delving further into the song, it tells the story of a woman who is confronting the stunningly beautiful Jolene, as she believes that Jolene is trying to steal her man. You can hear her pleading that “Please don’t take my man”. You can hear her pleas throughout the song as she urges Jolene to not take her man just because she can.

The song became immensely popular and turned into Dolly Parton’s second solo number to figure at the top of the country music charts, after getting released as a single in the year 1973 (before the release of the complete album). The song rose to the top position of the country music charts in February 1974.

Later, when Jolene was released as a single in the United Kingdom, it quickly rose up into the top 10 hit songs in the UK as well, reaching as high as # 7 in 1976. It again rose back to popularity after Dolly Parton performed it live at the Glastonbury Festival in the year 2014.

Following is the complete song list of the album:
1. Jolene
2. When someone wants to leave
3. River of happiness
4. Early morning breeze
5. Highlight of my life
6. I will always Love you
7. Randy
8. Living on memories of you
9. Lonely comin’ down
10. It must be you