The celebrity that Dolly Parton is, she has several websites dedicated to her on the internet. This site on Dolly Parton contains all that you ever wanted to know about the star. Let’s go over the different pages you’ll find here and what all is contained in them.

Homepage - The homepage takes you through the entire life and accomplishments of the star, throwing light on her early life, struggles, accomplishments and more.

Bio page - There’s a bio page which even though is quite like the homepage, throws light on the Dolly Parton’s life in a brief manner.

Awards - This page tells you all about the awards received by Dolly Parton in her career spanning over several decades. We tell you about the main awards she has received such as the Grammy Awards, awards from American Music Association, People’s Choice Awards and the ones received from the Country Music Association.

About Dolly - This is another page dedicated to Dolly’s life and informs you briefly about the early life and early career of Dolly Parton. We tell you facts like where she was born, when she received her first guitar and when her talent started getting noticed in the popular music circles.

Jolene - This page is focused on ‘Jolene,’ one of the most popular albums of Dolly Parton. It featured the hit single/track of the same name and had other major hits like ‘I will always Love you,’ ‘When someone wants to leave,’ ‘Early morning breeze’ and more.

Tour - You get to know about the tours that Dolly Parton was a part of starting from the early days of her career during 1960s leading up to early 90s.

Store - Dolly Parton’s personality and image is such that all her fans want to have a little bit of her in their own unique way. This page tells you about some very attractive Dolly Parton merchandise that you can purchase from the marketplace.