Any reputed musician who has a dedicated fan following or is looking to build up his/her fan base needs to tour in order to promote his/her works. Such tours also determine the sales of the musician’s creations. Dolly Parton also used tour extensively to support her works.

Her tours started from the late 60s era when her career had just started and went on until the early 90s. Majority of her touring during the 1960s and early 1970s was as a part of the Porter Wagoner’s Roadshow. She also used to perform regularly with other popular country artists like George Jones and Linda Ronstadt of that time.

Dolly Parton left the Porter Wagoner Show in 1974 and formed her own band titled “Travelin’ Family Band” comprising mainly of her siblings, cousins and family members. The 70s era also saw her touring with other renowned artists like Mac Davis and Willie Nelson. Dolly disbanded the Travelin’ Family Band in 1976 and followed it up with the formation of a new band called Gypsy Fever. Gypsy Fever featured many seasoned musicians from the rock genre, enabling Dolly to cross over to an altogether different domain. It helped her immensely in expanding her horizons and audience. Whenever she used to tour with Gypsy Fever, Dolly would perform as a headline act. The Gypsy Fever concerts went on for three straight years starting from 1977, up till 1979. She extensively promoted her albums “Heartbreaker,” “New Harvest – First Gathering,” “Here You Come Again” and “Great Balls of Fire” during these tours.

Dolly Parton took another major step in her career by venturing into the movies and other avenues during the 80s era. All such engagements resulted in lesser number of tours in comparison to the 70s. Dolly once again hit the road in the year 1982 and 1983 for promotion of Heartbreak Express. But health problems resulted in cancellation of many of her concerts. Years 1984 and 1985 saw Dolly touring with Kenny Rogers as a part of the Real Love journey. These tours continued again from 1986 to 1989 for the Think about Love and White Limozeen acts respectively.

The last major tour that Dolly was a part of happened between 1991 and 1992 for promotion of her album “Eagle when she flies.”